I’m 56 years old and currently planning for retirement in 3-4 years.  I am saving for the down payment on a condo or townhouse and will begin that search in about a year.  I visited Kauai last summer with my mom and sister and Maui with my sister the summer before.  I love the ocean and frequently visited my friend on the Oregon coast before she moved back.  I traveled with my ex-husband during his Army career and got to see many places, but only Alaska felt as much like home as the Pacific Northwest where I grew up.  I came home in December 1999 and don’t expect to make any more major moves.

I traded in my 1995 Ford Mustang convertible and am driving a fully loaded 2013 Hyundai Veloster.  I kept that Mustang for 16 years and often miss it.  I might have to have another convertible.

My knitting group on MeetUp celebrated its 5-year anniversary last summer.  I have volunteered at Vogue Knitting Live (in Bellevue) where I manned the Market doors, dressed runway models, staffed the registration desk, and provided assistance in the Beginners Lounge. I’ve also attended various local knitting and craft events, including yarn crawls, the yarn train, and festivals around Puget Sound.

I love music and live performance.  While I’ve slowed down since my post-divorce dating days, I still see several concerts and smaller shows each year.  Lately, I’ve been visiting local and nearby gardens and parks and am recapturing my love of gardening.  I’ve added more plants to my office and am considering reinstating my herb garden at home.

I‘m pagan and see the divine in Nature, but I’m more spiritual than religious.  I was born in Washington State and moved back home in December 1999. I share my home with my partner Ron, his black pug (Hershey) and my small parrot (Erin).