Another New Year

  2013!  The world's still here despite the Mayan calendar.  I prefer to think that the Mayan calendar ending signified the start of a new historical era rather than the end of the world.  Maybe the end of the world as we know it … given climate change, extreme weather, mass shootings, obesity, aging, political gridlock and financial failures (i.e. the end of capitalism).
  This is my "reset" as I tried to kickstart my own reinvention when I turned 50 last June.  Instead, I've let things slide.  I was part of the 2012-2013 flu epidemic. (I'll probably get a shot next year.)  I slipped back into bad health habits, let my ambiguous relationship slide and continued to spend.  So, here's my new list:

Daily Routine
1)  8 plus hours of sleep per night
2)  Daily vitamins and supplements
3)  Drink Water or Juice (1 glass at work and 1 glass at home daily)
4)  30 minutes of vigorous activity daily
5)  Journal daily

1)  Meet certification CEU requirement
2)  Resolve relationship status by 51st birthday
3)  Clean and declutter house (1 new room a month and maintenance)

  Dr. Oz says keep your resolutions simple and reachable.  The only habit that has lasted is my Meetup group.  We are getting 3-5 members per meeting and new members continue to trickle in.