Artemis – the Indomitable Spirit

I am currently listening to ARTEMIS:   THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT IN EVERYWOMAN by Jean Shinoda Bolen.  As I was driving in today, I was struck by the similarities in my own life and attitudes.  She tells it through the story of Atalanta and the apples of Aphrodite.

1)  Bonded most closely to animals and nature as a child.  I had my pets as best friends and nature as small creatures and open fields. And I had cycling and reading as my main activities which depended on nobody else.  Mistrustful and suspicious of people.  Fear of being manipulated and controlled.
2)  Fullfilled the son's or heir's role in my family – independent and capable, challenging rules and pushing boundaries.
3)  Married my best friend – the relationship was about companionship and common goals and challenges.  Relationship failed when I felt I'd satisfied the challenges associated with our lifestyle and broke out of the roles associated with marriage.
4)  Have an egalitarian view of gender and social roles.Unable to find meaning living through expected roles and chose to be child free.
5)  Changed from a very black or white view of the world to see many shades of gray – pragmatic exitentialist philosophy.  (Goddess of the Moon)
6)  Become bored at winning or mastering the skill – winning, power, money, aquisition inadequate motivaton of themselves.  (Goddess of the Hunt)
7)  Able to put aside the past and focus on the present.

1)  Insight:  Awareness of time passing.
2)  Insight:  Awareness of the importance of life.  Yearning for emotional and physical closeness.  Appreciate past relationships.  Feelings more accessible to you and others in your life.
3)  Insight:  Awareness of the urge to create.   Shift away from career and goal orientation.  Asorption with a cause or need in order to create something from experience and passion.  Inner rather than outer focus – deepening creativity, empathy and understanding.