Autumn in the Air

I love fall.  I especially love the days that start out a little misty and change into sunny and crisp.  As a child, that meant school and Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite holiday although I haven’t put up elaborate decorations in some years.  I can break out all my fall colors and seasonal jewelry.  (I have some great wearable clay art.)  Light weight sweaters are back and I have a good excuse to avoid bare legs and heels.

Since blogging and linking that to Facebook has given me more of an active presence online, I changed both sites to fall colors and themes.  I especially loved fall in Alaska when falI colors seemed to come and to in the blink of an eye and suddenly snow dusted the hills.  Today, I finished modifying the Shutterfly book that my sister designed from our trip to Kauai and ordered it printed for delivery.  She did an awesome (if more formal) job than I would have.  She made notes throughout the trip of what we did when and linked that to all her materials to write really descriptive text.  I used to do that when I traveled, but I am rather nonchalant  about that now.  As she hasn’t traveled as much, she  both more organized and less relaxed.

I have one trip left for this year … to the beach (with my best friend from high school) over Columbus Day (or, as it should be known, Indigenous Peoples Remembrance Day).  Then I really have to buckle down and streamline my spending and focus on activities that don’t drain my finances.  My savings is way down and I don’t have much credit left unless I start using another card.

I want to start living in my house instead of just camping out in one room with storage in the others.  I think that best starts by clearing out the items for storage and donation.  Then, I can reclaim the use of the kitchen and dining room.  I’d love to get my book room back too, but that will be a little more difficult with the futon mattresses taking up most of the floor.  Meanwhile, I’ve started a new knitting project and am looking a donating a bunch of stock that hasn’t sold over the last five years to the charity bazaar held by a local women’s shelter.

Maybe I love fall so much because it is all about change and slowing down.