Beach Report

  I took alternate routes for the drive both to and back from visiting my friend in Tillamook, Oregon. I used the inland route through Portland on the way down and the route through Raymond, Washington on the way back. We had a beautiful day on Sunday and went antiquing and visiting the little shops in Wheeler and Garibaldi. There was an amazing antique shop specializing in art deco – it could’ve been a museum.

   Overall though, it wasn’t as relaxing and didn’t feel as vacation-y as I’d hoped. I think driving up to my sister’s after work on Friday and getting the later start on Saturday played into it. But probably more important was not getting enough time on the beach and not doing anything special at the house in the evenings. I can do that at home.

   My friend got a call for an interview and she is torn about the job because she planned on getting out of food service, but wants to do something easier than hotel housekeeping in her 50s. I just want to live on my own schedule and am beginning to think that means seriously simplifying my life, including my possessions and my commitments to other people. I’ll be 54 years old this summer and could retire at 56.5 using FERS and Thrift Savings to postpone social security until my sixties.