Bought It! 2013 Hyundai Veloster

    When I went back down to visit with Mom (the weekend after the joint birthday barbecue), we all went out to look at cars on my list of potentials.  The Honda dealership was a waste, but I did get to sit in the CR-Z for a few minutes.  On the way to look at the Dodge Dart, we stopped at Columbia Ford- Nissan – Hyundai – Chrysler.  They had two 2012 Velosters, but they were basic configuration with standard transmissions.  Another lady was about to test drive a new 2013 Veloster and they told me that they'd just received two fully loaded automatics.  I drove the other one.  Then, I went back up the hill to get my Mustang and trade it in on the Boston Red model!!!  I love it, but I do miss having a convertible and I am a bit regretful about not test driving the Dodge Dart.
    I am averaging between 36-38 mpg with the mixed driving I've done (two trips to Mom's at 160 miles each), once to Olympia, and back and forth to work.  My Bluelink is working and I can access the car from my Smartphone.  The insurance is only going to coat about $12 more per year and the loan is already up at my credit union (3.49% financing).  I have three "big" complaints:  it is hard to slip things behind the driver's seat (the back door is on the passenger side), the seatbelt keeps working up toward my neck, and satellite radio is XM not Sirius stations which means no Canadian Iceberg!