Cancellations and Resolutions

As the year ends, lists begin coming out.  The most obvious ones are, of course, deaths and catastrophes.  In addition, we often find out which TV shows have been cancelled.  This year, my favorite new series, WISDOM OF THE CROWD, was cancelled after only one season.  CBS’ adaptation of James Patterson’s ZOO was cancelled after three seasons.  GRIMM had a planned and satisfying final sixth season.  Finally, I wonder how long HOUSE OF CARDS will last without Kevin Spacey?

The ending of the year is often used to review what we have or have not accomplished in our lives.  We often make resolutions for the upcoming year.  I am making three:

  1.  Complete one “project” per month (examples include disposing of my VHS library, deep cleaning a specific room, and collecting clothing and household items for donation).
  2. Reduce discretionary spending and go no further into debt (car and loan against my 401K will be paid off this year).
  3. Keep writing, including completing at least one writer’s course or workshop.

I got to spend more time than usual with extended family over the holidays this year and I am making one resolution for my mom and her younger sister (my aunt) to set up a weekly visit (whether for coffee, lunch, shopping etc.).

While there are significantly more changes that I’d like to make to my life, I know that overloading myself with goals and resolutions leads to doing less not more.  I have a list of possibilities for the monthly project and need to put some time into annual medical, optical and dental exams and generally getting healthier.  I’m 55.5 years old and plan to retire at 59.5 years.  I will have over 35 years in federal civil service by then.  I hope to remain active by volunteering and focusing more on my other interests.