Car Shopping

    I've set the goal of identifying and purchasing a new car this year.  We (SO and I) began visiting dealership on Sunday.  Our first stop was the (Chrysler) Fiat dealer (  At this point the Fiat 500/500C is the only model offered in the U.S., but the Fiat still offers a lot of variation, including two types of seats in the interior packages, hard top, sun roof, and convertible options, plenty of color choices and several customized trim packages:  Pop, Sport, Lounge, Gucci, Abarth (turbo), and MOPAR (after market). The quality is good and the cost is amazingly low.  The convertible top can be raised and lowered automatically while maintaining freeway speeds.  Unfortunately, it isn't going to work for me.  The steering wheel has limited adjustability and I can't find both a comfortable arm and leg position.  I did take a test drive and was happy with the handling, responsiveness and braking.  Bumber!!!  We also stopped at the Ford and the Toyota dealerships to look at (but not drive) their models, including the Scion and the Yaris.  I am now leaning toward the Hyundai Accent or Veloster and the upcoming Dodge Dart.

NOTES:  SO = significant other / LS = little sister / EH = ex-husband