Daily “Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch” Calendar Meditation #15 (The Rest of July)

July 23, 2014: "If women outnumber men, your Inner Bitch wonders why is it still considered 'a man's world'?"

When women are compensated less than men doing the same job, sport, or activity, it is still a man's world.  When women "do it all" and men "make a living" while leaving child care, domestic tasks, and family management disporportionately to their spouse, it is still a man's world.  When women still feel guilty about things men shrug off, it is still a man's world.  Hey, you get the idea!

July 24, 2014:  "Today is 'Be Productive Thursday,' because what else are you going to do on Thursday?"

Personally, Thursday is "death by meeting" day for me and involves time spent looking forward to Friday.

July 25, 2014  "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." – Maya Angelou

I have found that converting the thing you love doing into how you make a living tends to dilute enjoyment.  I am still interested in tech and tech gadgets, but spending my day using it means I avoid it at home.  I tend to do even my personal projects at work and only use tech as it relates to other hobbies .. like inventorying my yarn stash on Ravelry.com.

July 26-27, 2014:  "Your Inner Bitch Knows:  There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to let go of who they are in order to become who they are meant to be.  Your Inner Bitch also knows this is a good and powerful thing."

For me, this was my divorce.  I spent the following year moving from figuring out what went wrong to enjoying new opportunities.  Yes, it was work to identify and get involved in those things.  But I think replacing "old and tired" with "young and happy" worked out okay.

July 28, 2014:  "Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." – Buddha  "Your Inner Bitch knows this is a good reason to express anger and move on."

My corollary:  Do what you think is right for the person you are and/or hope to be.  Then let go of the outcome because it is out of your hands.

July 29, 2014:  "An Inner Bitch Tune-up:  Your Inner Bitch does not want you to be mean.  She wants you to be firm.  She wants you to be reasonable.  And she wants you to be kind, particularly to yourself."

This means learning to say, "No."  Making a commitment you can't fulfill is much worse.

July 30, 2014:  "Honestly, just having an ice cream sundae for dinner once a year won't send you spiraling into a life of bad habits."

Indulge occasionally and you won't need to binge, equalling less guilt and fewer consequences.

July 31, 2014:  "Your Inner Bitch Knows:  Toxic Niceness can lead to prolonged periods of pouting and other pointless behaviors, none of which are helpful to anyone."

Toxic Niceness is also very passive-agressive.  Many people who take on more than they should and allow their lives to be controlled by the needs of others are actually looking for sympathy and pity or playing the martyr.