Daily “Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch” Calendar Meditation #16 (Week #1 – August)

August 1, 2014:  "The Inner Bitch never enters into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.  Because where's the fun in that?"

Sarcasm can be humorous, but not if the other person takes it seriously and/or isn't abe to participate.

August 2-3, 2014:  "Just a reminder: When a father is taking care of his children, it's not 'babysitting,' it's taking care of his children."

I've been leaving traditional roles behind for a long time.  Back during my school years living at home, my favorite mantra was: I know you'd let me do it if I were a boy … or … If a boy can do it, so can I.  After getting married, I fought against that voice nagging me to accept all the traditional tasks and roles.  I held down a job and contributed to our income, he could shoulder his fair share of domestic responsibilities.  Now, I ask who has the time, inclination and ability.  Gender just doesn't count with me.  A prime example  When both spouses were being deployed and someone had to make a sacrifice and remain at home to take care of their kids, I asked who had the more successful career and who was best able to handle the new assignment.

What do you think?

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