Farewell Kauai and Don’t Fly Thru Honolulu

On our last day at the Point at Poipu, Mom and I lounged at their wonderful lagoon pool and had coconut shrimp and Lava Flows (Strawberry Pina Coladas) at the poolside bar.  We took our traditional water and sandy feet photo and returned to do laundry and pack before our farewell dinner at the Beach House.

We had a great dinner and got an early start the next day.  My sister easily navigated to the Costco to top off our rental car and we found the Enterprise lot with only a couple of minor missteps.  Then the luggage hauling began.  I enjoy the ease of getting in and out of small airports (like Kauai), but miss the efficiency of the larger ones when handling baggage and services.  My partner picked us up at the airport and we dropped my sister in Everett before driving home to Spanaway.  My mom spent the night before driving home to Longview the next day.  We got to bed at 1:30 am.

I say, “Don’t fly through Honolulu” because we had a less than satisfactory experience with both the Hawaiian crew on the route from Honolulu to Seattle and because they are seriously inefficient about scheduling gates and terminals.  We barely made it to our connection because our flight to Honolulu from Lihue, Kauai came in at one end of the airport and the gate for our Honolulu, Oahu to Seattle, Washington was unlisted on our boarding pass and turned out to be on the opposite side.  The only good thing I can say about Honolulu was the ease of getting our mom a wheelchair and an attendant who could really move those wheels.

We purchased “comfort seating” on both longer flights.  The Hawaiian crew on the first flight (from Seattle to Maui) were wonderful.  The inquired regarding our needs regularly and moved our carry on items to and from the overhead bins with smiles.  We watched a movie on our individual screens and enjoyed the meal and snacks.  The Hawaiian crew on the return flight (from Honolulu to Seattle) couldn’t be bothered with much of anything unless they were pushing a cart or servicing first class passengers.  They didn’t come when paged and had to be physically stopped by my sister when they attempted to walk past us with our call light on.  The seats and aisle on the second plane were narrow and crowded.  The service was reluctant.  I don’t know if I’ll pay extra to fly Hawaiian again, but I definitely won’t do it on a flight going through Honolulu.