How am I going to get back on track when life gets hard?

Most of us make resolutions, especially at New Year’s, and they are usually hard to keep.  What we do when we realize that we’ve veered off target matters.  Of course, its easiest to just give up.  We need tools to cope with what we consider failure.

In the same article from that asked the questions for the New Year, the author made a suggestion on a technique to recover:  reflection, recovery and repair  These are the steps you can take to figure out what went wrong, how to get positive and how to start again.  Based on that, I thought I’d analyze one of my current resolutions that I’m having a hard time implementing.

I want to downsize my possessions with an eye to moving into a retirement community before I retire at age 59 (just 4.5 years from now).  I’ve started to break it down into tasks.  The first one is to throw out all my old VHS tapes.  I took the commercial ones to Half Price Books.  I set aside a few to keep, including the original STAR TREK series set.  I want to keep the ones with music performances.  I did some sorting, but that is it.

Upon reflection, I think I keep postponing it because they represent a lot of time and effort.  I also think they represent the years of my marriage and specific times are tied to each of them via my choice to record those shows and movies.  I’ve been letting go of those years and those people (my ex-husband and his family), but his is pretty close to the last thing I have (aside from some art).

To recover, I intend to buy a roll of green garbage bags and start chucking in the tapes.  I am going to focus on enjoying the activities I enjoy now, like knitting and adult coloring in order to let go of the things I used to do.

To repair the whole process, I am going to start organizing and purging room-by-room starting with the ones that I use the most:  my bedroom and my bathroom.