Health Update

Well, I received and started using my digital blood pressure meter. When I’m relaxed, my reading is high normal. Otherwise, I’m just high. My SO (significant other) tells me that having your blood pressure rise as you get older is pretty normal. I’ve also put on weight and had two heart problems and passed through menopause. So, I guess I’ll probably have to accept medication. That will be four prescriptions total: sinus allergies, high cholesterol and fibromyalgia sleep aid (and my Vitamin D is low). Meanwhile, they want to follow up my mammogram with further pictures of my right breast and I’ve scheduled my sleep apnea study and my eye exam. I still need to submit my samples in lieu of the colonoscopy and have my tattoos renewed in time for them to heal before our August trip to Maui. I gave myself a time-out from all this and now I have to get caught up.