Holiday Stasis

It's not depression, but I am tired.  It's not indifference, but I am disinterested.  The holidays really don't energize me like they used to.  We don't have big family gatherings with or without kids anymore.  When your partner is moody and anti-holiday, there's no incentive to decorate, cook etc.  I put gifts aside all year long, do a little decorating of my office and customizing of my tech gadgets, play a little music, and send out some cards with an annual update letter.  That's pretty much it.

About the only thing that wakes me up is knitting and organizing around knitting.  I've made a vow to purchase no more yarn until the new year. But I am working through a group mittens and gloves project with the Mountain Highway Knitters ( and I want to purchase pattern software and inventory all my yarn and related supplies.