How Do You Keep Your Spark Alive?

I subscribe to author Rachael Herron’s newsletter and she recently posed the question:  What’s your baseline?  What’s the bare minimum you can decide to do daily to keep your spark alive?

Recently:  My answer today is to change my office arrangements and decorations for Spring.  I received an early birthday present and needed a place to set it up (a new Keurig K55 Classic).  I put away my winter decorations.  I put my Beta fountain back together and plan to get new fish next month.  Meanwhile, I have the trickle of running water and a more organized workplace.

Today:  I went overboard buying Keurig cups and accessories.  I’ve discovered a new favorite coffee:  Tully’s Hawaiian Blend.  I’m using my aromatherapy cold diffuser.  I am listening to audiobooks while working on websites at work.  My spark is imagination and ideas … creativity and learning.  So I am knitting and listening to audiobooks, keeping up with political and news blogs (especially DemocracyNow), and planning a trip to Rockaway Beach for my birthday.

Problems:    I miss dreaming.  I miss an uncluttered house with supportive living and work spaces.  I feel like I’m camping out in my own space.  I find reasons to delay going home after work.  I can’t get motivated on the weekends to tackle any projects, including cleaning and/or organizing.  I’d like to escape.

Decision:  Check my daily tarot and horoscope and evaluate.  Renew my commitment to blogging and writing at least three times a week.  Break major projects into smaller steps I can accomplish a bit each day.  Get more rest/sleep (lights out by 11 pm).  Look for beauty and talk to people – be engaged.