How Gore Lied – By Being Truthful

Al Franken has a new book out and I pre-ordered it as audio.  However, once I began listening to it, I decided to listen to some of his earlier work first (Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell  Them).  In another recent book, A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America by Bruce Gibney, I encounters some references to Al Gore, Jr. as hypocritical.  When Al’s book addressed political lies and media spin during the Bush-Gore presidential race, I had to note them.  I was pretty disillusioned with politics at the time, but I remember thinking the media was being pretty petty.  Franken explained that the media decided that Gore was A “sanctimonious grasping exaggerator” and then looked for things to support their view.

  1. He took credit for championing and funding ARPANET which became the Internet.  He did not say he created or invented it as per the media spin.
  2. He mentioned a quote from Erich Segal that credited himself and Tipper with being models for the main characters in “Love Story.”  Segal himself discredited this, but the newspaper confirmed that they had indeed published the misquote.  Al and his college roommate were part of the inspiration for the male character, but the female lead was not based on Tipper.
  3. Speaking at a high school, Gore indicated that a letter from a high school girl in Toone, TN led to him holding the first hearing on hazardous waste site Love Canal which led to Superfund and hazardous site clean-up.  He was misquoted as saying, “I was the one who started it all” when he said, “That [Toone, TN] was the one that started it all.”