Is It Really Significant?

"It's usually not the problem that triggers panic; it's the undue significance you've placed on it." – OWN website

I've run across various techniques for relieving anxiety and preventing panic over the years.  Two of the most common are: picturing you audience naked if you have to give a speech or presentation … and … brainstorming all the awful things that could happen, especially the over the top ones you know won't.

My favorite coping activity is "retail therapy," but that can obviously lead to other problems!  My actual coping strategy is to get as much information as possible, research the issue or idea, exhaust the topic completely.  Since the thing that makes me the most anxious is ambiguity and lack of information, this works pretty well for me.  Placing the "issue" in context defines and diminishes it and, over time, has become a habit.  You can't control everything, but you can control how you react and respond.