“It’s Not Dark Yet …”

I’ve been listening to Patti Smith’s memoirs and this morning I dialed up Bob Dylan on my iPod.  Given the recent vote in Britain to drop out of the European Union, this country’s fascination with Donald Trump and slogans, and the “War on Terror” (which looks a lot like Vietnam to me); I’ve been wondering if people ever really learn from history.

How are people like Bob Dylan and the generation he inspired feeling?  I have a sneaking feeling that I don’t want confirmed, that (though they’re probably not part of the problem) they are more than likely consolidating their own positions and withdrawing from the conflict.  How could they help being cynical?  Replace “Vietnam” with “Afghanistan” or “Iraq” or even “the War on Terror.”  Take a hard look at civil rights, especially the incarceration rates.  Look at the 99% and climate change.

“It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there …” –  Bob Dylan, Not Dark Yet

“People are crazy and times are strange … I’m locked in tight … I’m out of rage …  I used to care, but things have changed.” – Bob Dylan, Things Have Changed