iVillage Tarot

I realized that I'd neglected to cancel my quarterly renewal for unlimited iVillage Tarot.  So I went to check it and mark my calendar to cancel before the next renewal date.  Since I was there and had just paid my membership, I selected a reading:

Question: Should I have the break-up discussion with my SO (significant other)?

Card:  Death-Reversed
Interpretation:  If you are in a relationship or romantic rut, it could be from a fear of change, the unknown, or losing control.  It may be time to accept the inevitable and let go.  Either you can make the best of those changes where something good can come in the end, or you can just let them "happen" to you, perhaps succumbing to feelings of emptiness or loneliness.  It is your choice.

I guess the universe and my subconscious told me!