Journaling Philosophy (2018)

I wrote the post below back in 2015 during the holidays.  Reading it now, it seems both innocent and harsh.  Given all the social media and the interlocking of accounts, it is easy to trace identities and infer the identities of others.  On the other hand, perspective is everything.  Telling ourselves our own stories changes who we are, how we live and who we’ll be in the future.  I’d been thinking about writing another post that explains my purpose and why I’m writing and journaling … making it an annual tradition.  This seems opportune since it just appeared in one of my feeds and struck such a chord.

Livejournal 2015

A public journal, even if limited to friends, can seem an invasion of privacy to the other actors in my life.  However, in the interest of fitting my views and actions into context to form a semi-cohesive whole, I am going to change some earlier entries that I made private back into access by friends only.  Since I don’t use the names of individuals in the posts, you’d have to know me to know who they are.  And, if the individuals dispute the facts or possible motives that I attribute to them, they can post a comment!

Some intimate posts will remain or start as private, but I hope to make more regular journal posts and tweets.