Keep Voting and Encourage (FORCE) Your Family and Friends to the Polls

I know that Washington State votes by mail now, but you need to make sure that everyone you know registers and is ready to vote in special elections and the elections of 2018.  We can take back the House of Representatives and maybe the Senate for Progressives (and Democrats).  We need to keep blocking every self-serving plan, policy or rule that Fake President Trump and his oligarchy proffer as fully and as quickly as we can.  If we can force his impeachment or resignation, we need to do it.  If we can change the election process and get rid of the Electoral College, we need to do it.

Mainly though, we need to make sure that we vote and vote and vote.  The Republicans will either (hopefully) be complacent or disillusioned and they’ll either not bother with voting or will vote in opposition to their previous choices.  Check out this article and RESIST and VOTE!!!

Democrats Can Retake the House in 2018 Without Converting a Single Trump Voter at THE NATION