Lasting Change

Is the ONLY lasting change incremental change?  This is a premise from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  She was actually upset by Roe v. Wade because she thought it too broad without enough groundwork.  She thought it would be challenged and actually set back the cause.  In many ways, she’s been right.

Toddler President Trump is proof that when you take extreme positions and actions, you incite opposition.  In this case, I am so relieved.  While the electoral college can (and has) invalidated the people’s choice for President, every office below that can be affected by the vote, activism and personal involvement.

My aunt learned that her granddaughter (whom she’d helped raise due to mental health and other issues) wasn’t voting and gave her a similar lecture.  In addition, I strongly believe that, if you don’t vote, you have no basis to complain about things that voting might have affected.

We must all work for incremental change, using every tool available.  We must insist on the rule of law.  We must also push for changes in society and culture.  Being able to see an issue as a whole is necessary, but waiting for transformational change can restrict real change.  Keep trying for even small victories.  They are cumulative.

Some discussions of incremental change and how it’s applied: