Lewis Black – Curmudgeon

I am currently listening to Lewis Black read his book I’M DREAMING OF A BLACK CHRISTMAS.  I was trying to decide how to describe his comedic style and I finally found it:  he’s a curmudgeon (although I would describe him only as “bad-tempered” and not “surly”).

I like to give myself a space where I can complain and vent and don’t have to worry about repercussions.  Sometimes family and friends fulfill this role, but they do so only up to a point because often I need to complain and vent about them.  Journaling provides this space for me.  Now that I am journaling electronically and online, I have to be more careful or mark those entries as private.  When I am actually feeling “bad-tempered,” it usually surfaces as sarcasm in daily interactions.  Sarcastic one-liners are the most fun and my ex-husband used to give me a lot of opening.  I don’t feel like its fair to use that kind of humor on lesser mortals however.  (I define lesser mortals as oblivious individuals with limited interests and vocabularies … I ill probably get in trouble for this definition!)

Since I can’t make a living as a curmudgeon, I use my skills sparingly and restrict them to specific people and situations.  And I read and listen to others who’ve honed their skills.