Life as a Story

    Every life is a story.  Humans are hard wired to look for patterns and to somehow link the random bits and pieces into a whole.  Dispair is the result of being unable to do so.  Religion is the irrational reaction to dispair … someone else is taking care of it … they are in control of the story and will take care of you.
    Try this instead … tell your own story.  That's what I did with my dive into the dating pool.  I have the tales of "allergic to my life guy," "the Grateful Dead fan who could fit everyhing he owned into his car," "two dates and a hot tub rendevous guy," "German music guy" who became "German futon guy" on the second time around, and current "Peter Pan car guy,"  The actual experiences were confusing and not entirely humorous when they were happening, but now they are party conversation and I can see the "big picture" of what I learned and how I learned it … because I've told those stories.   I think that's more satisfying than bitterness and withdrawal.
    The only part that truly bugs me are all the people who think that because I now tell it as a story and see the humor, it was easy.