March For Our Lives – My Thoughts

First, I am so impressed with the leadership provided by the Parkland students, especially Emma Gonzalez.  The attempts by gun control opponents to discredit them (and other activists) is ongoing.  First, the students in front of the cameras were supposedly told what to say and supported by anti-gun groups.  In essence, they would neither choose to do it nor be capable of doing it themselves.

These same students are part of “the Mass Shooting Generation.”  I’m pretty sure that’s not a favorable nickname.  We are creating a traumatized population where PTSD will be normal and normal will be the exception.  We are sending young adults overseas to fight unjust wars.  We are subjecting children to mass violence and violence in the streets.  We are forcing them to mature earlier and earlier to survive and then trying to discredit that maturity.  The social issues to overcome the gun culture are complex and won’t change quickly.  However, we can change one thing.  We can change the access to weapons, i.e. weapons of war being promoted as status symbols in a consumer culture by manufacturers and the NRA.

I’ve been watching DemocracyNow! as a video podcast each morning at work while checking my email and prepping for the day for years now.  Today, the show focused on excerpts from “the March for Our Lives.”  I’ll be surprised if I see more than statistical data and a comment on who attended on any corporate news broadcast.

Meanwhile, trolls are hard at work denigrating the speakers rather than their message.  A doctored photograph of Emma Gonzalez ripping up the US Constitution made using an actual photograph of her ripping up a gun target already has 70,000 shares this morning.

I am looking forward to two things as I age:  whites/caucasians becoming a minority (against all other aggregated racial groups) and young activist leadership who are most worried about people and the planet.  I hope that those two things will facilitate a better world.  Meanwhile, we need to hold the line against “alternative facts,” oligarchy, civil militarization, demonizing of the media and free speech, celebrity culture, and government and services for the wealthy.  (I’m sure I missed many more!)