Memorial Day Weekend

   I just made a quick review of my previous entries and it was approximately two years ago that marking my 50th birthday blew up my relationships and my sister complained about being "baby sister" and became "little sister" instead.  I had planned on making a lot of changes in my life that haven't happened.  Some were due to circumstances (patching a hole in my heart/breaking my arm) and some were lack of will.  My SO is still living with me, but not in any intimate way.  My former father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and they've sold their Toledo property and moved back into town.  I've been to visit a couple times, but not since he started his second round of chemo.  He's just buying time now.
     LS is back in the relationship where he'd been "cheating" (although they never agreed to be exclusive) and feuding with her landlords again over the other tenants.  She's been dissatisfied with living at the shop since they began construction on the Wal-mart and struggling as a small business owner.  She dreams of moving to Arizona where her aches and pains disappear.  Since Mom and I won't drop everything for her every crisis, she claims not to have anyone to depend on here anyway.  Seriously?  When I ask for help, I work around that person's schedule.  I compromise.  I don't expect them to drop everything and fit themselves into mine unless it is truly an emergency.
     I gave her and her SO a week at a cabin in New Mexico from my time share.  While they were appreciative, I mostly heard about the 3-bedroom log cabin NOT having a washer/dryer and the altitude being too high and the weather too snowy.  Hey, they picked it based on the same descriptions that I read!
    My Meetup group is turning two this June.  This year, I went on the Portland Yarn Train (disappointing), the South Sound Yarn Crawl (fun but wet) and the 2014 LYS Tour (25 shops in 3 days).  I was planning a trip to Victoria, BC in September but cancelled.  I am visiting a friend in Tillamook in June and may be going TDY to a software boot camp in either July or September for work.

     Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I drove to Mt. Vernon to claim my LYS Tour 2014 door prize and spent the afternoon.  I browsed in a local used bookseller and had lunch at an Italian restaurant.  SO was gone on overnight runs for his trucking company (maybe) and I cataloged and entered all my new yarn into Ravelry, organized yarn into several more boxes to take to storage, and caught completely up on laundry and folding and putting away my own clothes.  I've begun pruning my wardrobe and SO is doing some of the deep cleaning (for the master bath and the laundry room).  He prefers to let the mice and birds Murphy brings us find their own way out and that has led to problems.  He also prefers to juryrig things rather than spend the time or money necessary to fix them.  I like to keep using things until they actually NEED replacing (as long as they work or can be repaired), but then I replace them.
      I am working up to telling him that we need to make some lifestyle/relationship decisions.  As things stand now, mine will probably not include him.

NOTES: SO = significant other / LS = little sister / EH = ex-husband / MSO = Mom's significant other