Mourning the Past

When you begin something new and move forward, you usually end something else and leave it behind.  I received the following divinations for today:

Nine of Air … Release your sorrow and see it transformed.
Third Decanate … Differences of opinion – you can't change others, control yourself.

I usually play out options and scenarios for situations over and over in my head.  I (over) intellectualize just about everything, but I've put a lot of work into recognizing and acknowledging my emotions.  I distrust acting based on them, but these days I will consider them in the decision.  I spend many of my weekends at home, showering but never getting out of my pajamas.  I am storing up energy to make it though work and my other committments during the next week.  Part of this is finding my work dull and routine.  Part of this is feeling overwhelmed at what I've got to give up or change to make my vision of my future possible.  I will be leaving both people and many familiar routines behind.