My Casual Vacancy Review

    What a disappointment!!!  I got the Audible version of the new ADULT novel by J.K. Rowling and it is horrible and truly boring!  Try to imagine that you wrote a story about the daily lives of adults instead of kids, had no discernable action or adventure, the plot was a parish election in the English countryside, the narrative dribbled out in flashes between multiple characters for no discernable storytelling purpose, and your audience expected an adult version of Harry Potter.  I barely made it halfway through and I am never going back.

The Huffington Post says:

"The Casual Vacancy" reviews are in, and the general consensus seems to be "meh". A few hate it, at least one thinks it a triumph, and the majority seemed to feel that it was flawed but not terrible.

Trust me, it was terrible!

What do you think?

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