New (Barnes & Noble) Nook HD+

      My belated Christmas gift took six days to arrive and I was checking anxiously checking mail every day.  I love it!!!  It is the thinnest lightest tablet on the market – even when compared to iPad and Kindle.  It uses both WiFi and Bluetooth, has a 9 inch screen, 32GB internal memory, HDMI port, and an a covered SD drive on one edge.  The Nook Store has a bunch of pretty good apps and the web browser is decent.  Free trials of both HuLu and NetFlix and many magazines and newspapers are included.
      I have a bunch of accessories on order, but the one that I am most excited about is a cover which includes a keyboard on one side, holds the Nook HD+ on the other and can be set up with the kick stand to function as a netbook.  Since I've already tracked down the hack(s) to open it to the full Android market, I expect my phone will see a lot less use and my netbook will mainly stay on my library desk.  I have not found anything that I don't like and, contrary to some reviews I read, you can organize your books and apps in several different ways.