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Revolar: Smart Safety to Protect Loved Ones

I heard about REVOLAR and became one of their 1365 backers with the pre-purchase of Revolar Bird’s Nest 3-Pack.  And I’ve gotten my shipment and successfully set mine up.  I intend the other two for my mother and my sister.  I ran into problems that turn out to be a feature on some android smartphones running version 6.0 (Marshmallow).  Their techies are working the issue and I’ve given them some new information.  I think the biggest trick was erasing the entire system cache (versus the application caches).

Once you’ve purchased the device, there are no ongoing fees or charges.  You must only maintain an active cellular smartphone running the Revolar app (available for android and iPhone).  You get three messages that you can completely customize and five contacts who can get any mixture of the three alarms (check-in, yellow, red).  I’ve tested it with one of my contacts who was totally impressed by the GPS location information that was included.

If you or someone you care about lives alone and uses a cell phone capable of running apps, they can use this device to stay safe and summon aid when needed.  That should give both you and them piece of mind.

And … I can vouch for the quality of the devices I received.  It isn’t flimsy or easy to damage.  It also isn’t easy to click the device accidentally.  If you do, it will probably be a single click which doesn’t trigger an emergency action unless your message directs that.  I HIGHLY recommend it.