Obama-Biden 2012

    Many days, I have a hard time believing that President Obama and VP Biden have been in office nearly four years.  I am often angry at how little they've accomplished.  I am not angry in the same way the the Republicans and Tea Party are however.  I am angry because President Obama didn't fight to accomplish the very things that I voted for, that he accommodated the Republicans, that bi-partisonship meant that he started in the middle and got pushed by inflexible, self-righteous Republicans way beyond compromise..
    I have only semi-jokingly said that if Americans vote in an all Republican government, but especially a Republican president, that I am moving to Canada.  The critical issues of our time are the increasing gap between the poor and the wealthy (and the disappearance of the middle class), redefining success and consumption, creating sustainable energy sources, revitalizing democracy to prevent ogliarchy, and promoting wellness rather than health care (including Medicare for all and reigning in Big Pharma and the insurance companies).
    Many smaller issues also remain – racial and gender equality, enforcing the separation of church and state, controlling campaign funding (reversing Citizen's United decision), preventing voter disenfranchisement, marriage equality, tax reform, sex education and unwanted pregnancy, etc.
    Sometimes the effort seems overwhelming, but if nobody tries than nothing changes.  Action is cumulative … many small actions can result in big changes.