Outrage Inertia

I wonder how many other people have started to build up a resistance to Trump’s absurdity?  I’m just not shocked by much he does anymore.  After all, he promised his supporters he’d “drain the swamp” by getting rid of all the lobbyists and special interests with insider access to government officials and politicians.  Then he brought in all his millionaire cronies in his cabinet and nominated business executives as department heads.  He quotes rumors and offers lies as “alternative facts” and calls anyone who disagrees with him names on Twitter.  Really?!  (Oops, I found a smidgen of outrage left.)

When I saw this line in a recent post, it just summed it all up for me (even if they were talking about the Obama fallacies):

At this point, there were so many levels of wrong that I knew trying to introduce silly things like truth or logic into their conversation would be utterly pointless. Soooo I quickly stepped myself away from the Crazy Train…

Impeachment has only been used 19 times in United States history and only resulted in 8 actual impeachments.  (Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.)  I don’t hold out much hope for it coming into play as long as both the Senate and the House of Representatives in controlled by Republicans.  We are going to have to keep doing everything we can to illuminate Trump’s stupidity and use the legal system to block his blatant power grab.

I keep hoping he’ll realize how ridiculous he looks, understand that world leaders consider him a joke, and resign when he realizes he might actually have “labor” at his new job.  Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep that small smidgen alive and articles and groups like these keep it smouldering:


If you’re interested in whether he’s likely to get re-elected in 2020, check out this discussion: