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The post that I wrote yesterday now exists as only a partial snippet on my Facebook page. crashed my WordPress installation on my hosting site.  Naturally, this is not what they said happened.  Everything worked when I last used the site (yesterday around 4 pm) and nothing loaded this morning (when I tried around 9 am).  According to support, I had somehow broken it myself by updating a WordPress plugin, theme or other add-on.  This also broke my original website ( which uses HTML only) and my sister’s blog (completely different URL and install of WordPress).  My only concession is that I do use ONE hosting account for them all, but separate domains and software installs.

Following their instructions, I restored from my last backup on and waited.  Finally, it looked like things finished.  However, only my main blog ( worked.  A second call was useless … they didn’t seem to understand the concept of dedicating a directory of my hosting space to the old website and redirecting that domain to that directory.  I pulled out my last website backup to USB and started comparing files and uploaded a few that seemed to be missing.  That worked.

Next, I checked my sister’s blog.  She’s never used it as she believes she can’t afford to have public opinions (or at least lasting documentation of them), but it doesn’t expire until December and it also points to her commercial website.  A separate restore of that site was necessary.  Now it works.  What was’s actual contribution?  Telling me where to look for the backups after something THEY did broke my sites and wasting my time when I knew MORE about websites than their support technician for hosting did.

I support access by employees to a secure government network, a large public commercial network, and public and staff wi-fi access.  I am essentially a desktop and security support technician.  If I break something, I admit it and fix it.  If I figure out how something was broken by somebody else and/or how to fix that, I share it.  If I simply don’t know what happened but know some recent process probably did it, I mention that and simply say I have no direct evidence and get it fixed.

I have a lot more respect for those options than “passing the buck” or trying to spread around the blame … or denial … or “Trumping” (i.e. saying something over and over again until it becomes truth and the truth becomes fake) …


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  1. Think I may have figured out what happened … A couple of days after the whole snafu, I got an email asking me to delete files that were “suspicious.” Of course, the supports techs either didn’t know or didn’t check while we were working to get the sites operational again.

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