Plant Madness and SATC

I have never liked cleaning, though I love organizing.  My many visits to gardens in May and June have me “greening” my office.  I’ve added new plants, including vinca, cane yucca, aloe, a miniature Japanese cypress, and air plants.  I’ve pruned my snake plant and put sections in water to root.  I transferred plants that looked sickly or had outgrown their pots.  I applied decorative rocks and moss on top of the soil around them.  I fed them all and vowed to water more regularly. I hope this will help motivate me to take care of the plants outside home and refocus me at work.

I’ve been in a writing slump.  Part of it is finding people and events in my personal life leaving little energy for outrage at national and world events.  I’ve been knitting and reading/listening to books.  I am playing “Book Bingo” with the Seattle Public Library.  I am downloading the free teen audiobooks from AudioSync.  I am preparing to review and update my “D” audiobooks on Audible as I finish up the “Cs.”  (I have over 1,000 in my library).  I’ve reviewed and contributed to my new performance standards under reorganization and I am trying out more sociability at work.

I previously preordered Sex and the City and Us: How Four Single Women Changed the Way We Think, Live, and Love by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and finished listening to it in one day.  Then I ordered the entire series (six seasons) on DVD.  (I already own the two movies.)  I was an adamant believer in getting Carrie and Big together in the end.  I identified as “a Miranda,” but admired Carrie’s self-awareness and decision to “make her own rules.”  Charlotte often annoyed me, but I became an admirer as she converted to Judaism and married her lawyer.  I supported Samantha in principle, but could never have emulated her.  The series helped me navigate dating after my divorce.  I loved Chris Noth’s appearances in the SEX AND THE CITY and  LAW AND ORDER series.  I adored him in the SEX AND THE CITY movies.  The book is a fun perspective on the series, its creators, the actors and how it both reflected and changed culture, being female and being single.  I am sorry we won’t have a third movie, but understand Kim Cattrall’s reasoning.

I am leaving to after work tomorrow to stay with my mom over the weekend.  She is maintaining a questionable relationship and needs alternative support as she handles her health issues.  My sister is experiencing her own health issues and supporting her partner through his.  I am still planning a restful trip to the beach (Rockaway Beach) for my birthday.  I am trying to curb my spending and keep up with my bills until my car is paid off in a few months. I am thinking about retirement and what I want to do in the next stages of my life.  Hopefully, I am also greening and reviving myself.