Protecting Trump Worldwide?

Who pays to keep Trump, Trump’s family, and Trump’s personal and business holdings safe and secure?  Right now … us.  Trump chose to run for President and now has to step up and shoulder the personal consequences.  The rest of us are responsible for electing him (despite the fact that we didn’t), but he is responsible for choosing to run.

Should Trump remove his name from all public display worldwide, especially from buildings.  Or should we the taxpayers pay to keep them secure?

We are already paying to protect Trump Tower in New York because he’s allowing his family to live elsewhere than the White House and has stated that he intends to be in residence there periodically. Until he becomes the President rather than the President-Elect, protection of Trump Tower in New York is understandable.  Then, he and his family obviously have a guaranteed location with full security …  it’s called the White House!

What about all the constitutional and legal issues?  For example, Trump is violating the lease of his hotel in Washington, DC by being both the landlord and the tenant.  You cannot be a public official and hold the lease to a government building.  He needs to find a buyer for it and divest himself of most of his business assets.  How can he and his administration regulate the financial sector while being indebted to them?

Finally, why is so unwilling to release his tax returns and provide transparency into his financial holdings?  If he took advantage of loopholes, he should simply admit it and address closing them if needed.  As it stands now, he is going to be in violation of the constitution and constitutional law when he is sworn in.  While I’d be happy to see him jailed and removed, I don’t want the Vice President Elect moving up either.  He’s an unrepentant and proven racist misogynist, where Trump is simply a pathological liar and unable to stop every thought in his head from streaming out his mouth or onto Twitter.

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Note:  A lot of social and current event sites seem to be asking:  What is Trump really like.  I particularly like this description provided by a poster:

“Personally I think the key to Trump is that he has the same kind of personality disorder which Robert Maxwell supposedly had: a kind of narcissism which leaves the patient fully intelligent but with the emotions of a three-year-old. So he can be generous, even kind, when things are going well for him but if he’s thwarted in any way he goes into a tantrum and he’s willing to make up any lie, trample on any sensible strategy, say anything however ridiculous, rather than admit he’s lost an argument.” – Claire Jordan, Degree in biology and folklore; programmer, shop owner, secretary on newspaper