Quote from: Getting in Touch with your Inner Bitch (Circus)

“Life is too short. We just waste so much of it waiting on men.” E. Jean Carroll

When tempted to get involved with other people’s drama, the Inner Bitch remembers this: “Not my monkeys. Not my circus.”

Especially later in life, any relationship is fraught with all the baggage accumulated by the other person. That usually includes family, jobs, debt and bad habits. Once I decided what I wanted after my divorce, I treated dating like a job. I spent time creating dating profiles, online instant messaging (screening and flirting), texting, calling and meeting for first dates. When I found someone (beyond a few dates), I expected it to last. I am best suited for serial monogamy in the sense that I give a relationship my full and undivided attention and am not looking for better options. If it ends, then I assess my options.

As I age, I am feeling much more content on my own. I don’t want to be the ringmaster of the circus, especially if it’s not mine. I don’t need the drama and am capable of living my own life without waiting on anyone else.