Quote: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch

“One benefit of giving up Toxic Niceness is that we approach every relationship – with friends and family, in business and in romance – sure of our status as equals.”

Elizabeth Hilts is the acting editor of the Weekly, a newspaper that publishes in Westchester County, N.Y. and Fairfield County, Conn. She is also the author of “Getting in Touch With Your Inner Bitch” (Hysteria Publications).

The Inner Bitch is that part of ourselves that says, “I don’t think so” to all the bizarre demands that are a part of our daily life.

I am, by the current definition, a bitch. I say what I think; I demand excellence of myself and others; I don’t back down from what I believe in (or apologize for saying what I think); and I rarely slide back into Toxic Niceness.