Quotes for Artemis Women (and Method)

If I am reading for content and study, I prefer a physical book and I highlight … things that strike me, main topics, supplimental information, etc.  That's how these particular quotes were selected.  I highlighted them.

All quotes taken from Chapter 3 of ARTEMIS THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT IN EVERYWOMAN by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

"Assumptions about who a newborn will grow up to be are made by parents, extended family, religions, social classes, and cultures.  These assumptions can be changed or challenged if there is social mobility, universal education, and democracy in the historical time and place in which the child is born."

"Physical  punishment or shame enforces acceptable behavior in boys as well as girls."

"This inner [abandoned] child is an archetype when a son or daughter is expected to be an extension of a parent's needs, ambitions, or unfulfilled life. It arises when a child is not seen as an individual who comes into the world to live a unique life of his or her own."

"In families ruled over by an ambitious parent, children learn that approval is conditional; it depends on conforming to expectations."

"The impression the child makes must reflect well on the parent and further his or her ambitions."

"When signs of growing personhood are suppressed from fear of losing approval or being humiliated, children lose touc with their own ideas, interests, and preferences, and learn to silence voices to the contrary in themselves. As a result, an 'abandoned child' may reside in the adults they become."

"Whatever the circumstances, to a baby, the mother is the environment. Mother either provides or does not … She is all-powerful, all-providing, or all-withholding.  She is the embodiment of the Great Mother in a pre-verbal world – an archetype in the unconscious of men that helps explain the efforts that men make to control women and their irrational fear of them."

"Ambition takes many forms.  Where women cannot themselves aspire to power or prestige, they live their ambitions out through their sons or husbands."

"This reality recalls Gloria Steinem's famous comment: 'We are becoming the men we were supposed to marry.' "

"This twinning [matched set of individuals in a couple] is a characteristic of many your relationships that become marriages."

"These couples are brought together by shared interests and values, and by friends they have in common."

"Men and women increasingly form couples in which each describes the other as 'best friend.' "

"Often it is the male who cares more."

"… these relationships are based on personal affinities. Family ties, ethnicity, and social class often cease to be important to them."