Rededication: Couples or Companions

***I am resolved to find at least one idea or event a week to blog/journal about.  This week its the difference between being a couple and being companions.***

1)  You rarely if ever have sex.  You don't cuddle or casually touch one another.
2)  You don't cover for one another financially unless the reason is catastrophic.
3)  You don't worry about coordinating plans.  You change your own plans on the spur of the moment.  You don't make changes for them.
4)  You might ask for an opinion, but you feel free to disregard it.
5)  You share information, but set your own goals and make your own plans.
6)  You don't depend on them except for emergencies or with advance notification and scheduling.
7)  You resent moodiness, disregard passive-aggressive behavior, and prefer your own company.
8)  You don't put them first because they don't put you first.
9)  You stop worrying about where they are or wondering who they're with.  You don't keep track of their schedule.
10)  You stop trying to integrate your family and friends.  You develop new interests and make new friends.

Wow!  I decided that I needed ten things on the list, but I feel a little sad now.  On the other hand, he's turned my living room into his bedroom and bedroom closet.  I can't use it or the kitchen/dining room because of his irregular work and sleep schedule.  I am living in my bedroom and clutter is piling up everywhere.  I have resolved to get things in hand this summer and have a new routine established by fall.

My long term plan is to pay off all debt except my car loan and to move into a smaller place with more of a community center feel.  If possible, I plan to take early retirement when I reach age 55.  I want a green belt and a beach or waterside walk.  I want to be able to walk a few blocks to a coffee shop and diner.  With that in mind, I think I am going to cancel my big knitting trip as being too expensive and see if I can find a time share at the beach in September instead.