Relationship Tarot and Finding Balance

Whenever one aspect of my life is going well, one that isn’t (whether new or ongoing) seems to counterbalance it.  The counterbalance this week seems to be my cost of transportation.  The good aspect is finding out my mom does not have melanoma growing near her eye.  We last my grandfather, her father, to cancer that debuted there.

While that is a huge relief for us all, the counterbalance is finding out the car I replaced my red 1995 Ford Mustang convertible with, my Boston Red 2013 Hyundai Veloster, has hidden costs.  Apparently the tire size and type is unusual and there aren’t many choices.  I am about to have my THIRD set of high performance tires put on.  Each set is lasting about 16-18 months and the phrase “high performance” is the critical data.  Since a set costs over $900, I am more than unhappy!  The only silver lining comes in the form of one of these four being replaced for $90 because the old tire had a slow leak from a nail and was covered under road hazard warranty.  Now that I (and the tire manufacturers) are seeing more Velosters on the road, hopefully the selection will improve.

Meanwhile, I got a discounted reading offer from TAROT.COM and took them up on it.  I’ve attached the file and I find it to be spot on, but a bit more optimistic than I’ve been feeling.