Renewing the Outrage – Freedom of the Press

I’ve mentioned that it is getting hard to sustain my outrage with Trump, his posse and all their actions.  His recent actions have revived me.  Promoting propaganda and using “alternative facts” is deplorable.  Banning specific news agencies from press briefings and refusing to attend the dinner for White House correspondents takes censorship to another level.  Sean Spicer prevented CNN, The New York Times, Politico, The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed, the BBC and others from attending his press “gaggle.”

At the same time, outlets allowed into the press conference included Breitbart, the Washington Times, Fox News, Reuters, Bloomberg and One America News Network.  Note:  These are all outlets that report what Trump wants when he wants it.  They are his nascent propaganda machine.  Trump wants to see only his own ideas reflected back to him.  He and Spicer are all about the “selfie.”

In an ideal world, all news agencies would refuse to attend any briefing where pettiness is preventing fair coverage.  And, reporters at the Associated Press and Time magazine walked out of the briefing when hearing that others had been barred from the session.  Plus, an included pool reporter from Hearst Newspapers gave full details to the entire press corps and media outlets allowed into the gaggle also shared their audio with others.  I applaud them.

I applaud the leaks from the White House and others operating in the adversarial and hostile atmosphere created by Trump.  I hope people continue to follow their consciences.  I hope they realize devaluing the media is Trump’s “fake war.”

From  Trump’s war isn’t with the media, it’s with facts.