Romantic Dead Ends

Inner Bitch Quote: “Your Inner Bitch doesn’t want you to waste time chasing love down romantic cul-de-sacs. Read the ‘dead end’ signs; you know what they look like.”

For me this ties in to believing what people do rather than what they say. In my case, my SO has shown that he is incapable of keeping his word under certain circumstances. When he fails, he lies and tries to cover it up. Since I trust my intuition and observe the clues, he generally fails at this.   When I ignore it, I believe he actually “slips” in order to create the drama associated with confrontation. When confrontation doesn’t occur, he wallows in moodiness based on guilt.

Does love have to be ROMANTIC? I think we can fill our lives with family and friends and commitments that are just as fulfilling as romantic attachments (in all forms and gender combinations). My goal is to live contentedly with periods of happiness and moments of joy. I don’t expect to be more than content most of the time. Maybe it’s a factor of getting older … but I don’t despair as much either!