Sage Advice from the Hustle Readers

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Sage advice from our chronologically gifted readers

Last week, we asked our 50+ year-old readers to send us their best life advice, and we were pretty blown away by the response.

After poring over several hundred responses, it’s safe to say that we have some pretty bad*ss older readers who know a thing or two about what it means to live a good life.

You guys were in equal parts inspiring and hilarious, and we can’t thank you enough for sending us your golden nuggets of knowledge.

We’ve put together a blog post with 50 gems (which are totally worth the read), but here are a few to wet your whistle:

  1. “Question authority. Question yourself. Test Ideas. Follow the evidence, wherever it leads. And remember, you could be wrong.” ~Steve
  2. “Leave margin so you get to make decisions, not have to make them.” ~Simon
  3. “Ensure your personal mission statement is pro-human at it’s root, or adjust your compass until it is.” ~Lance
  4. “If you ain’t into them – tell them and move on.” ~Fran
  5. “Invest in stock instead of blowing the cash on sweet, sweet whisky.” ~Nicholas

Wise words… but we’re probably still gonna blow our cash on sweet, sweet whiskey.

— Lindsey, Absorber of Wisdom