Scary Night

I was getting ready for bed last night and had just taken my nighttime medication.  I blew my nose on a tissue and noticed a pink tinge on the left side.  Then the floodgates opened and I grabbed tissue, pressing it to my nose and running for the bathroom with that same box of tissue in my other hand.  By the time I got there, blood had spilled down my face onto my pajama top and both sides of my nose were pouring blood.

Only the right side was bleeding, but the flow was so heavy that it flowed out the other nostril too.  And, I was swallowing and spitting blood.  It seemed to go on forever, but it was probably about ten minutes before I could run out to the kitchen freezer for some ice.  By that point I was applying pressure to both sides of my nose as high as I could.  Bleeding began slowing over the next ten minutes and I was able to spray an antihistamine to shrink the blood vessels.  I was also able to apply moderate pressure to one side and text my boyfriend to check on me when he got home.  (He works nights.)  Calling 911 was a serious option.  It was that scary.

My final acts were to change my pajamas, put the bloody top to soak, wipe the blood off my skin and head for bed.  By that time, I was tired and woozy.  I woke up with a headache this morning and went to work late.

I grew up having nosebleeds and I periodically have periods when I’ll get a few or even a series of small ones.  I’ve only had one other instance as scary as last night and the boyfriend was there to help me … and it wasn’t this bad.  I may never blow my nose again!!!

This also brought home to me what living alone as you age and your health declines can become.  I am glad I was wearing my Revolar (panic button) and I would have used it so my contacts could call help for me (if I couldn’t seek aid or dial 911 myself).  The United States has an aging population and “we” are all going to need services and assistance.  I can only hope the government and the culture figure out ways to support that.  (I don’t see it happening under Trump or the Republicans.)