Scenario Discussion (Sexual Harrassment & Assault)

So, how would you rank these people in order of responsibility and/or culpability (on a scale of 1-6 with 1 the most responsible?  Why?

1 – Baron (He chose to make threats and hired the Crazy Man to fulfill them.)
3 – Baroness (She should have simply chosen to leave permanently rather than trying to get by the Crazy Man.)
4 – Lover (He was the Baroness’ partner with an equal share of responsiblity.)
2 – Crazy Man (He killed the Baroness, but it wasn’t his idea.  He was hired.)
6 – Boatman (Simply worker who required his usual fee for his services.)
5 – Friend (Self-righteousness showed her to be a bad friend.  She should’ve helped her friend.)

Rank them yourselves and I’ll tell you how and why I ranked them in my next post.

  • Does it matter why the Baroness left the castle?
    No – She is an autonomous individual and free to make her own choices.
  • How do the Crazy Man and the Boatman compare?
    They could both be viewed as having the same level of responsibility – being paid or refusing to work unless paid for their services.
  • Does social context matter?  (Does killing her in that time period equate to divorcing her now?)
    Probably, but human rights are always human rights and she isn’t subject to the death penalty for making choices her husband and others don’t like.  They may be bad choices and morally questionable, but she didn’t commit a crime.