Seaside Beach Trip

Mom and I had a great time in Seaside, Oregon.  The weather was sunny and cool with only occasional high winds.  The hotel (Ebb Tide Resort) was older, but the room was comfortable and the view (see photos below) as promised.  We hit a little snow north of Astoria on our way back.  Unfortunately, we both had to return home to our significant others.  We talked about future plans that involve relocating and don’t involve either of them.  She seems really serious and I sure am, so I need to pursue things more consciously myself … both a place to live and preparing for retirement.
Meanwhile, she is helping my sister financially again.  Yet, my sister seems to think that the help she gets should meet her stipulations.  Offered a place to live, she wants assurances to various conditions.  Being grateful for the offer would seem a better response.
Finally, Mom and I are going to get away more often … at least once a month, timing it for a long weekend when possible.  I am looking at Long Beach, Astoria, or Jantzen Beach for February.  I am done passing-marking-killing time (no doubt I’ll still get discouraged now and then) and I am resolved to take the steps necessary to make the changes to get the results I want.

seaside_mom.jpg seaside_mom.jpg