Simplified Consumer

I’ve spent my life, especially my adult life, collecting things.  Fortunately, ideas and experience are at the top of the list.  But even those have actual things attached:

Ideas = Books, Magazines, Spiritual/Religious Icons and Supplies
Experience = Recordings (Music and Movie)
Travel = Photographs, Momentos and Memorabilia
Curiosity = Crafts and Technology
Beauty = Art, Collectibles, Stemware, Crystal, Clothing and Jewelry

I believe I am (for the second time) in a period of re-examining my life and my lifestyle.  I don’t have the temperament to become entirely self-supporting, but I’ve resolved to select a project each month that will simplify and unclutter/declutter my life.  Since I’ve made this resolve rather late in May, I have a simple one this month.  Over the Memorial Day holiday,  I am going to deep clean the master bathroom, reorganize the master bedroom and drop the bags of accumulated clothes and accessories off to charity.

What do you think?

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