Stormy Memories

    As the world climate conditions change, the Pacific Northwest had gotten much more stormy.  Where I remember snowy winters and long summers often lasting well into September, I've been experiencing shorter hotter summers and stormy winters that last longer and include little snow since I moved back in December 1999.
    Just last night, we had another big wind storm and flooding has closed roads and stranded communities.  The mud and debris from slides have closed highways and roads.  Even trains on certain routes have had to cancel.  Our electrical power was out from approximately 1:00 – 8:00 am.  Driving into work late, the back roads had a lot of debris, including several branches I had to drive around and JBLM had to remove trees from East Gate Road before drivers could use that gate to get onto main post.
    I don't remember it, but the year I was born (1962) experienced severe weather, now known as "the Columbus Day Storm."   Peak gusts in the area where we lived reached 88 mph and the storm was comparable to a Category 3 hurricane.  (It has since been defined as an extratropical cyclone.)  Plus, my family was living in a tiny little mobile home.  I was 5 months old.  We lived one block from the airport near South Pacific Hwy where this picture was taken for the Longview Daily News:

Columbus Day Storm anniversary\