Sun and Fit

    Baseline pedometer:  1,600-1,800 daily steps
    Intermediate goal:  2,500 – 3,000 daily steps
    Goal:  5,500 – 6,000 daily steps

    My second oldest friend, one of those I spent the most time with in high school, and I drove to Ocean Shores on Saturday.  Every time I make the drive, I wonder why I don't do it more often!  It only takes two hours and is both direct and scenic.  We expected it to be hazy and burn off, but we didn't see the sun until after 5 pm and then, of course, neither one of us wanted to pack up and go home.  We did some shopping, ate a late lunch at the Green Lantern Pub in Copalis Beach, and then went to set up our lawn chairs and get our feet wet.
    While I didn't break out the kites, I initiated my new car.  We tracked sand onto the floor mats and coated it with a fine dust.  We also became the "segull whisperers."  We started to have a snack and about a dozen birds came in for a share.  I crumpled and threw out some crackers to distract them for a while, but they didn't leave.  Most of them found a dent in the sand, tucked their heads, and basked in the sun with us.