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     I recently started reading a couple of knitting blogs.  One of them ( by Rachael Herron talked about reducing debt and the strategies she was employing.  A big one encompassed mobile phone service.  She had recently paid the carrier penalty and given up her iPhone to switch to Rebuplic Wireless.  I began doing the research and traced a rise in "mobile virtual network operators" and have begun making some changes myself.

     I was part of a "framily" plan using a smartphone with hotspot capability.  I hadn't had a new phone in close to 5 years because this one is compatible with an app to activate the hotspot as though I were still on the phone and not on my android tablet or laptop.  I originally signed with them on the smartphone because of unlimited hotspot falling under the plans unlimited data.  Then they decided that the hotspot was an "add-on" and not part of the plan and wanted to cap my usage without reducing the price because I was already paying less that they planned on charging new customers.  They also refused to either "grandfather" the option or let me out of my contract.

     I have decided to combine a FreedomPop ( hotspot and a Republic Wireless MotoX smartphone (  If necessary, I will also hotspot with it.

     Good news seems to spread … whether in context (cellular/wireless on a knitting blog) or not.  The industry changes so fast that available services, plans, and options will doubtless change again in six months.

What do you think?

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